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We determine our marketing strategy & media placements, using audience insights and data-driven decisions

Facebook Ads Case Study Image Featured - Digital Remarketing MediaFacebook Ads Case Study Image Featured - Digital Remarketing Media

Timeline of your marketing campaign

Steps to Reach the Top

Marketing is all about taking the right steps at the right time to achieve leading results. Let DRG get you off the bench with these game-changing steps

The First Step

First, we perform in-depth market research and competitor analysis and explore your value propositions


The Second Step

Tracking code setup and implementation so we can track conversions on your campaign


The Third Step

Next, we select demographics, write compelling ad copy, select valuable objectives, and build a campaign structure


The Fourth Step

It's go time. Now that you have reviewed the Facebook campaigns, it's now time to enable them


The Fifth Step

A team of Facebook Ad experts will optimize your account to gradually improve performance and ROI


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Medical Spa

A savings of $120 per lead, PLUS a 6-cent per click bonus!
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Property Management

From $280 per qualified lead to $32 with highly optimized social media ads.
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