Offleash K9 Training

Local Dog Training

Who wants a treat?! How DRG increased leads for this dog training business.

The Problem

How do you get someone to trust you with their dog? It's not easy!

Braven, an Alabama native recently moved to Jacksonville, FL for a new employment opportunity and start his family. Since a young boy, his father has always had animals on their home farm and he would love helping out when he could. His favorite task was to always make sure their farm K9 dog Zippy, would always be groomed, fed, and trained to take commands to help with the other farm animals. For example, when Braven says "Sit", Zippy follows the command and when he whistles and shouts, "Let's Go" Zippy knows to chase all the farm animals back into the gate. He also took the time to teach Zippy more exciting protective commands, like walking by his side when he snaps his finger or aggressively barking without attacking.

Training K9s with commands demands time and budget, and most client's don't follow thru the full training course in order for their dog to get the full benefit to learn all of the commands. Also, people are reserved about letting another person train their dog if they don't know what the outcome will be.

Offleash K9 Training

The Solution

We ran a Brand Awareness and Engagement SEO campaign to start generating organic traffic and leads to his new Webflow website our team designed and developed. We were able to land multiple first-page placements for highly competitive keywords within the first couple of months. Additionally, garner backlinks from in-market listings that helped boost our Page Views. We also went out to the training site to capture high quality footage we later used as the creative for the Awareness & Engagement campaign.

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